Eagles Return to Their Old Nesting Ground

Welcome back to the Edge ladies and gents. Earlier today I had one of the great feeling of unbridled joy a sports fan will ever have when my close personal friend Donovan McNabb and the rest of the Eagles rode into Philadelphia and provided a genuine ass kicking to Eli “Deliverance” Manning and the rest of those pesky New York Giants.

If you would have told me November 23rd following Donovan McNabb’s benching for Kevin Kolb against the Ravens, that the Eagles would be in the NFC Championship game for the 5th time in 8 years under Andy Reid, I probably would have had a heart attack from all the laughter.

Donovan McNabb tells Elevation adn the rest of his doubters to go screw themselves.

Donovan McNabb tells Elevation and the rest of his doubters to go screw themselves.

Also I would like to tell me and all of the rest of the angry Eagles fans who wanted McNabb and Andy Reid’s heads on pikes around the middle of the year to go fuck ourselves. Thats right me I’m talking to myself. I showed little faith in November and deserve to be scorned.

Hopefully we have enough magic left  to pull out the victory this Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium, the nest of the Arizona Cardinals. God knows we have enough NFC Championship experience to pull this baby out.

Last week after the Eagles win over the Vikes, I splurged a little and bought a beautiful looking Ron Jaworski throwback jersey on eBay for 47$. Right now I can’t decide whether I should pull the trigger and buy  another jersey, or wait until after Sunday and see how things play out. If I do get something, I’m leaning towards a commemorative 75th Anniversary jersey with either Brian Westbrook or Brian Dawkins. Like the type in this photo:

Eagle legends break out the baby blue and yello

Eagle legends break out the baby blue and yellow

Or a throwback Randall Cunningham jersey seen below:

Randall looking very sleek in this mid 90s number

Randall looking very sleek in this mid 90s number

Some other playoff thoughts:

Has there ever been a bigger spaz in NFL history then Jake Delhomme? The put up one of the worst performances, at home no less, in playoff history and acted like a total clown doing it. We get it Delhomme, you completely underperformed and threw up horrible pass after horrible pass after horrible pass. But enough with all of the hysterics and fake disappointment after all of your horrible plays. Just go to the damn bench instead of jumping up and waiving your arms in the air like a Village People member on peyote.

Sorry you have to be a total spaz Jake

Sorry you have to be a total spaz Jake

Also how many bodies do you expect to be carted off the field in Pittsburgh Sunday, during the Ravens-Steelers game? 10, 15, 30? Would any number really surprise you? Hell, it might come down to Vinny Testaverde vs. Neil O’Donnell in the 4th quarter with all the marbles on the line. That game is going to be a slug fest. Imagine Drago v. Balboa except both guys had metal bones like Wolverine in the X-Men movies. I say the final score is Pittsburgh -9 to Baltimore -11.

Vinny Testaverde is ready to help his old ravens teammates if needed.

Vinny Testaverde is ready to help his old ravens teammates if needed.

Well there it is folks. Any suggestions to the jersey conundrum are appreciated in the comment box. Expect Elevation Radio to go live sometime Tuesday or Wednesday, early in the day. So mark your calenders and more updates will come as things develop. The basketball entry I teased over the weekend will go up sometime by the end of the week, but the events of this Sunday warranted a change in plans.


~ by lordelevation on January 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Eagles Return to Their Old Nesting Ground”

  1. Go with the new throwback… they are cool! I like your 1/11 entry. Maybe our teams will meet in the Superbowl! Go Ravens!

  2. Thank you brother. Having the Eagles come full circle from the McNabb benching game by playing the Ravens in the Super Bowl would be pretty neat. I can guarantee you Kevin Kolb sure as hell wouldn’t play this time.

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